2008 K12Online How I Can Help? Page

Interested in helping spread the word about the K12Online conference? This page will list ways in which you can help! There is a list of sites you can contact. When you do contact any of these or any one not listed, please add "contacted [date] with your name or initials." Thanks!

Online Promotion

  1. Individual blogs, wikis, podcasts
    • Email those with blogs and/or podcasts asking that they promote the conference in upcoming episodes/blog posts
    • Add conference info to wikis where appropriate (Need we say that, spamming would be unacceptable?)
    • Promotion via Edublogs. See transcript of chat with James Farmer
  2. District websites
    • e-mail webmasters, technology directors about promotion on their sites
  3. Staff Development websites
  4. Technology Department websites
  5. Video promotion (via, YouTube, TeacherTube, SchoolTube)
    • Create a series of PSA type advertisements
    • These would also make it easier for sharing on websites and blogs as well as announcing at a faculty meeting.
  6. E-mail
    • Least invasive way possible
    • Key players in organization/district/school professional development (CL 10/3/08 sent to all in my district)
    • OzTeachers Community (Australia) (copy of email from last year here) - CE - 22.09.08
  7. Ning Networks
    1. TeacherLibrarian
    2. Classroom 2.0 (CL 9/29/08)
    3. EduBloggerWorld
    4. Ning in Education
    5. Globaleducation
    6. Learning 2.0
    7. College Ning
    8. Library 2.0 (CL 10/3/08)
    9. Connecting Online C009 (created event BB 10/3/08)
  8. Student involvement/Student blogs
  9. Professional websites
    1. Education Week/Teacher Magazine--online calendar event form (for their website calendar)--Needs to be submitted
      1. http://www.edweek.org/apps/calendar/submit_event.html (**submitted online BB 10/3/08)**>>>
    2. Digital Learning Environemnts Blog - 10/4 EH
    3. 21 Century Connections Blog- 10/4 EH
  10. Contact list for international schools from U.S. State Department Emailed all contacts on list-NP-10/4
    1. (need to email the contacts on the list)
  11. International sites::
    1. Another good source, might be the ECIS IT listserve. All the schools in Europe are a part of the European Council of International Schools ( http://ecis.org/) Sent emails to this list-NP-10/4
    2. and you can post a message to the IT-related listserve here:--- ICT@listserv.ecis.org
    >> The Council of International Schools (an off-shoot of ECIS designed to be more global) might also be a good place to check ( http://cois.org/).
    >> I'm not sure if there is a listserve for EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools), but that might be a good choice as well (http://earcos.org/).
    >> There is also AASSA (Association of American Schools in South American Council: http://www.aassa.com/),
    NESA (Near East South Asia Council of Schools: http://www.nesacenter.org/),
    there must be one for Africa too, I just don't know it...
Some other connections that Carolyn Foote shared last year:

    1. Independent Schools Association of South Africa
    2. International School of Kenya
    3. Mombasa Academy
    4. Nigerian School Library Association

Offline Promotion

  1. Local newspapers and news channels
  2. National newspapers
    1. WSJ - sent Press Release EW 10/8/08
    2. NYTimes send a news tip [[mailto:news-tips@nytimes.com|news-tips@nytimes.com]] - Sent Press Release BB 10/3/08
    3. London Times newsdesk contact news@timesonline.co.uk**Sent Press Release BB 10/3/08**
    4. Dallas Morning News
  3. School Newsletters
  4. Meetings (This will be very difficult given time, and volume of meetings)
    • Faculty, department, grade level, etc.
  5. Regional Organization publications (PD pubs)
    1. Emailed NCTE affiliates in various states-- http://www.ncte.org/groups/affiliates/lists/107922.htm --
    2. Emailed MassCUE and asked them to spread the word (LD 10/4/08)
  6. Fliers fit for printing by anyone.
    • Mention at upcoming conferences/workshops/seminars
    • Literature about conference available at registration tables
  7. Professional magazines/journals
    1. Technology and Learning
    2. International Technology Teacher email to submit kdelapaz@iteaconnect.org
    3. eSchool News event calendar Submited a Calendar posting request-NP 10/4
    4. Education Week calendar submit an event for calendar - Submitted event to calendar BB 10/3/08
    5. ASCD Express Newsletter email rallen@ascd.org **Sent Press Release BB 10/3/08**
    6. Edutopia email edit@edutopia.org Sent Press Release EW 10/8/08
  8. State level tech Journals
    1. TechEdge from TCEA --already contacted, and is going to include something--
    2. Texas Library Journal's TLACast is going to include it as well-
  9. Professional content area journals and their websites
    1. NSTA (Science) e-newsletter enewsletterfeedback@nsta.org contacted 10/3-EH
    2. NCTE(English) contact NCTE //http://www.ncte.org/forms/contactncte/// contacted 10/3-EH
    3. NMTE (Math) submitting stories for publication email Sandy Berger contacted 10/3-EH
    4. IRA(International Reading) contact publications@reading.org for publication info contaced 10/8/08-EW
    5. ALA (American Library Association)AASL hotlinks CONTACTED 10/3 - CS
    6. National Association for Social Studies http://www.socialstudies.org/publications/tssp/ contacted 10/3-EH
    7. National Association of Independent Schools -http://www.nais.org/ contact 10/4 EH
  10. Radio
    1. Npr contact info: http://www.npr.org/about/pitch/story.html
    2. BBC Digital Planet program email digital.planet@bbc.co.uk >> - CE - 1.10.08

Possible Statement for emails:

Sample one:
I wanted to see if there was enough time to publish information about the K12 online conference event in "blank" Magazine's upcoming October issue. (Introduce yourself)

I'm including a summary of the conference below.

The K12 Online Conference is free for teachers, administrators, librarians, and educators around the world interested in the use of Web 2.0 tools in classrooms and professional practice! The 2008 conference is scheduled to be held over two weeks, October 20-24 and October 27-31 of 2008, and will include a pre-conference keynote during the week of October 13. The conference takes place entirely online, and includes Keynote speakers Chris Lehman, Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr, and Vicki Davis, and four learning strands. Even after the conference, all presentations will be available online.

For more information, go to http://k12onlineconference.org/